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Sl. No Name of the Faculty Project Name Year Organization Amount (in lakhs) Status
1 Dr.M.Sreenivasa Rao Developing "solutions for managing the information in Chenchu data bases" 2012 Society for elimination of Rural poverty AP Government Indira Kranti Padakam 1.35 Lakhs Ongoing
2 Dr.M.Sreenivasa Rao Mobile book keeping-Conversion of SHG Mebers names from English to Telugu 2012 Govt. Telangana 11.0 Ongoing
3 Dr.M.Sreenivasa Rao Research Scholars Information System 2012 JNTUH 4.29 Ongoing
4 Dr.M.Sreenivasa Rao Preparation of IT Security policy for SEP 2012 Society for elimination of Rural poverty AP Government Indira Kranti Padakam 2.19 Completed
5 Dr.M.Sreenivasa Rao Load,Functional and
Performance  tests for Rajiv
Internet Village (E-Seva)
2006 Govt. Telangana 0.4 Completed
6 Dr.A.Govardhan Implementation of Telugu in IT ( Named Entity  Error Detectionon English-Telugu Cross Lingual Text), 2008 Ministry of  IT,Government of Telangana. 4.9 Completed
7 Dr.S.V.L.Narsimham AIABOA portal automation & maintenance 2012 All India Allahabad Bank officer’s association 0.6 Completed
8 Dr.S.V.L.Narsimham Sharp Microtechnologies-Exam automation software 2012 Sharp Microtechnologies pvt ltd Hyderabad 0.2 Completed
9 Dr.V.Kamakshi Prasad Online payment system for convocation to issue original degree 2010 JNTU, Hyderabad 5.0 Completed
10 Dr.V.Kamakshi Prasad Online Registration System 2009 JNTU, Hyderabad 4.5 Completed
11 Dr.V.Kamakshi Prasad Automation of Entrance
2008 JCECEB, Jharkhand 25.0 Completed
12 Dr.V.Kamakshi Prasad JNTU Online Examination Systems 2005 JNTU, Hyderabad 5.0 Completed
13 Department Incharge:
Mr.G.Praveen Babu
Mr.K.Suresh Babu
Cisco Networking Training Programmes 2011 CISCO 3.0 Completed
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