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Student Support

All the students of SIT are continuously supported by the following cells throughout their stay.

Students & Staff Support
Anti-Ragging Committee
School of IT has been and will be a RAGGING-FREE Institute since its inception as there is proper support from staff and students to curb this evil called 'RAGGING'. Anti-Ragging Committees are drafted every year before the fresher students join the institute and Fresher's Day is conducted with a great friendly environment.
IEEE Student Chapter
As the largest technical society in the world, the IEEE offers many benefits. Members stay up-to-date on all the latest breakthroughs in technology, through a variety of publications that are included in the membership dues. IEEE offers many student awards, competitions, and other opportunities to get actively involved.
Women Development Cell (WDC)
As we are aware that Women's education is a priority sector in the government's policy planning and special initiatives have been taken to enable women to pursue higher education. The National Policy on Education 1986 states that education will be used as an agent of basic change in the status of women in society. As per the UGC guidelines the Colleges/Universities are also supposed to provide assistance for creating and strengthening infrastructure for women students, teachers and non-teaching staff members in Universities/Colleges. SIT has initiated a WDC in the year 2010 with the following objectives chaired by a Senior Professor, Dr.S.Durga Bhavani:
To protect women’s right to gender equality and provide a favorable environment for work/study.
To prevent and deter the commission of any act of harassment (including eve teasing), including sexual harassment
bullet To deal with problems related to studies, finance
bullet To create awareness about women’s rights and welfare
bb To provide a forum for women on the campus to share information and resources and exchange of ideas.
bb The various events conducted by the WDC are as follows:
bb Conducting women’s day celebrations (along with University Women’s cell)
bb Improving communication skills for girls from rural areas
bb Counseling of girl students
bb Providing Medical assistance to girl students
bullet Encouraging involvement in Social service activities
bullet Organize open house discussions
Greivances Redressal Cell (GRC)
Protection of human rights is essential for all round development of an individual's personality. A Grievances Redressal Cell is very much required in any educational institute to realize the primary needs of the students and staff. In addition a Grievances Redressal Cell shall ensure secure civil liberties for everybody. The cell will take care of the grievances of staff and students associated with the school life related to facilities, inter-personal problems and general discipline. To be more specific: Ragging, Sexual harassment - any kind of physical or mental harassment, Complaints regarding class room teaching - Class room management, completion of syllabus, teaching methods etc, if and when they arise. The Grievances Redressal Cell shall convene meetings periodically and take steps to redress the grievance under the Chairmanship of Director, SIT. The following are the

Objectives Of The GRC
To ensure a democratic environment in the campus
To acquaint all the Staff & Students about their rights and duties
bullet To solve the various personal and educational related grievances of the Staff & Students
bullet To make the institution a very student friendly place
bb To ensure both qualitative and quantitative development of the institution through the GRC
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